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Privacy Policy

Last modified: May 17th, 2018

  • How we use your Data

  • On our websites
    We use tools that help us to collect Big Data on how our users navigate through our content. This includes well known tools like the "Facebook Pixel" and "Google Analytics".

    Using the Facebook Pixel allows us to target users with advertisments they might be interested in, instead of just showing them random advertisments on the Facebook platform. In order to be able to use Analysis tools, our websites use Cookies. We NEVER use these tools to connect any information to your person, to your IP adress, to your name, or to any other information that might identify you as a person.
    If you still do not wish to share this data, please do not use our websites, or disable Cookies in your browser, or use an anonymous web browser like TOR.

    Currently we use these tools on the following websites:

    In the Nightler app
    The Nightler app is an app focussed on its user's locations. In order to run our service intelligently, we screenshot your location data each time you boot the app, so that we can be able to roughly know in which region you are. This helps us to show you content in your environment that might be of interest to you.
    Other than that, we save your IP adress, to protect our servers from attacks that might come from you or said adress.
    As for all the other information, we only save what you actively decide to share with us. Most of these informations come from your Facebook Login, which you can actively manipulate while registering.

    Very importantly, our servers do NEVER track your position in real time. They do, however save the data from the checkins you make using the app.

    If you do not wish to share these data, please do not use our app; or if you want to have this data removed, please disable your account and write us that you want your account data removed.

  • Details

  • General
    We log information about each device using the Platform such as IP address, dates and times of each login, device characteristics and operating system.
    These information are stored on your account and associated with every action you take.

    If you choose to give us personal data about yourself, the technical information we collect that would otherwise be anonymous can be logged as coming from you. This means, if we are required to disclose our server logs as a result of a legal process, a third party such as your internet provider could match our anonymous technical information with you, using information beyond what is found in our logs and on our servers.

    Personal data
    Every data you choose to voluntarily provide to the Platform, either when you sign up for an account, upload images, share information and contents, or post texts on the Platform will be stored in our databases. Additionaly we automatically collect so-called log information when you use our app or some of our websites. That information includes, among other things:

    - Your IP adress
    - Access times
    - Access location when booting our app, or accessing some of our websites
    - Device information, like your operation system and language

    NIGHTLER uses the Facebook Login functionalities and receives data that your provide via your Facebook Account. During Sign-Up you can specifically choose which information you want to share with NIGHTLER. If you choose to share your Facebook friend-list, NIGHTLER will automatically connect you with your friends while you use the NIGHTLER app.
    The personal data collected over the Platform are exclusively processed by NIGHTLER to meet the demands of Users and notably to:

    - create and manage your personal account,
    - to display content that is customized to your interests and preferences,
    - to communication with you.

    Personal data are treated as strictly confidential and kept so during the period permitted by applicable law.

    Personal data will not be disclosed or sold to third parties, unless with the User's prior consent or if required by law. If you have entered into and/or won a contest, NIGHTLER or a contest sponsor may publish your name and city of residence.

    Each User has the right to (i) access his/her personal data, (ii) ask for a correction where such data is inaccurate or incomplete, and (iii) object to the processing of such data on the basis of compelling legitimate grounds.

    If you would like to review or revise information that you previously provided to NIGHTLER, you may access and change your personal information in your personal account.

    If you would like to review or revise information that you previously provided to NIGHTLER, you may contact DEPIXIT directly at the following email address: or postal address:

    Depixit S.à r.l.
    c.o. Nightler 29, rue de Vianden
    L-2680 Luxembourg

    NIGHTLER follows generally accepted security standards to help protect your personal information. However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, NIGHTLER cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal data.

    Image Privacy
    Every image uploaded to NIGHTLER has its own URL on our servers, and no matter what your privacy settings are, every image can always be accessed and viewed by anyone who types in that exact URL.

    Push Notifications
    Nightler uses push notifications to alert you, and your friends registered with the app when something interesting happens.
    Push Notifications:
    - You can send notifications to your friends when you check in.
    - Your friends will send you notifications when they check in.
    - Nightler will occasionally send you notifications, informing you about different subjects.

    These push notifications can be disabled in the Nightler settings or in your phone's settings, in case you don't want to receive them.

    Revisions to the Privacy Policy
    We may update our privacy policy from time to time. If we do, we either let you know by publishing the information on our Website, on the Platform or/and on other public blogging services we use, like f.e. Facebook. Sometimes (in case of minor modifications) we will only let you know by reversing the date at the top of the privacy policy.