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Stars and Events

The Star and Event features are our first professional features in the app. They are currently free, but might be transformed into paid features in the future.

Become a star

Our star feature was made for musicians, bands, djs, artists, and everyone else who works in the event or nightlife area and wants to be seen as a professional on the map.

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Add an Event

Our event feature allows event managers to temporarely transform locations or add specifically highlighted events to the map in order to reach new audiences.

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Apply as Star

Please read before applying

The Nightler Star feature was made for professionals and using it requires an additional action during the checkin in the app.
The function provides a possibility for the community to see when and where a specific act is performing and thus, its use depends on the goodwill of the person using it. Any abuse, like randomly checking in as a star, will lead to the removal of the feature from the respective account.

I understand

Please use the same address as with your Facebook & Nightler account.

Copy and paste the link to your Facebook page.

Submit your event

Please submit your event 24 hours before it starts.

Just copy and paste the link to your Facebook event.

Star profiles

Stars have special profiles, featuring their Facebook Page and their Star Name in the top left corner.

Facebook integration

The star and event features require that you own a facebook page for your account or event.